My name is Jessie and I am the creator of Celestial Buddies, an original line of plush characters.  I currently live and work in New York City in the fashion industry as an apparel designer for a large company that manufactures luxury goods spanning bags, shoes, jewelry and clothing.  This project originated in my free time from the desire to create something that was entirely mine but that utilized the same skills I have honed in my career.

The Celestial Buddies’ “Big Bang” moment occurred after watching a series of documentaries on the Solar System. The Universe is fascinating in its staggering immensity, ruled by complex laws of physics, complicated theories  and bewildering phenomena,  most of which we take for granted.  The creation of the Buddies is to make these extraordinary celestial bodies more accessible, more down to Earth, so to speak.

I believe there is a niche for my Solar System stuffed sidekicks.  Most Solar System toys focus on the scientific and are mainly mobiles and models geared towards older kids who are science buffs.  Celestial Buddies are entirely different . . . they are cute, cuddly, personable and a touch educational, traits which I hope will appeal to a wide demographic.

So if you are passionate about planets, ecstatic for stars, I encourage you to be the master of your own universe and find your match made in heaven!

5 Responses to About

  1. I have an astronomy humor website including pages on the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Earth.
    I’d love to put something about your Celestial Buddies on my site. I just need an image(s) I can use. The image on top of this website is great and/or I can use images of individual buddies.
    I’d give you credit and a link to your website(s) in whatever manner you would like.
    What do you think?
    I think your buddies are delightful.
    I’d also appreciate any help you can give me promoting my website.
    Cristina Della Rosa, creator AstronomyHumor.com

  2. Jaime says:

    How soon will Saturn be ready for sale? My son loves “mooney” and asks me daily for a stuffed saturn.

  3. Nicholas Chan says:

    My daughters love Celestial Buddies and have a full collection of them! Look forward to a Pluto with a lovely heart on its belly.

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