The last two planets of our stuffed Solar System have finally landed!  Uranus and Neptune are now available on our website

Complete your Galactic Gang!unnamedunnamed-1

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4 Responses to NEW PLANETS!

  1. Bob says:

    It sure would be great if you could add Pluto to the line-up. Just because he got demoted, doesn’t mean he should be neglected. Please reconsider and add him back into your product line. (And thanks again for Uranus & Neptune).

    • I agree with you completely! That’s why we are going to work on a Pluto character to add to the line for next year.
      Thanks for your comment and for supporting the Celestial Buddies.

      • Michelle S. says:

        This is GREAT news. I’m beyond thrilled you’ve decided to add Pluto…Thank you!! I’ll be getting Uranus & Neptune for my son shortly.

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