Planet Formation

Planets are formed from the disc of gas and dust that surrounds young stars.  The heavier elements and minerals condense into solid bits of rock and these bits of rock smash into each other as they spin around the star forming gradually larger and larger rocks.  When the objects become large enough they are forced into a spherical shape by gravity.

First prototype of Mars:  Maybe gravity will take effect soon…

Second Proto:  Getting better, only time will tell…

Third Proto:  Almost there…

Fourth Proto:  Hmm color is off, looks more like his surface is covered with sulphur dust rather than iron…

Fifth Proto:  Finally, color is looking more reminiscent of the fourth planet.

Mars!  Our next door neighbor.  Now if only he were close enough…we’d be able to stop by to borrow a cup of sugar.

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1 Response to Planet Formation

  1. matt says:

    My Favorite!!! He is awesome

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