Evolution of The Sun

A (Plush) Star is Born…

1. A cloud of gas and dust begins to contract under the force of gravity. In regions of star birth, we find gaseous nebulae and molecular clouds. These sites of pre-birth are dark patches called globules.

…globule is right…or more like, attack of the blob. This first proto is a little rough, but the initial idea is there…

2.  The protosun collapsed. As it did, its temperature rose to about 150,000 degrees and the sun appeared very red. Its radius was about 50 present solar radii.

The second proto shows a more promising shape, but he looks a little constipated…must be all that gas…

3.  When the central temperature reaches 10 million degrees, nuclear burning of hydrogen into helium commences.

…his facial expression looks a little alarmed.

5.  The star settles into a stable existence on the Main Sequence, generating energy via hydrogen burning. This is the longest single stage in the evolutionary history of a star, typically lasting 90% of its lifetime. Thermonuclear fusion within the Sun is a stable process, controlled by its internal structure.

Internal structure stable…now what to do about those long dancer legs.

6. HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!!  Sure to brighten your day!

facts about the Sun were found on a Cornell course page http://astrosun2.astro.cornell.edu/academics/courses//astro201/evol_sun.htm


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2 Responses to Evolution of The Sun

  1. Dannielle says:

    So cute! I want to buy everyone already! 😀

  2. Helby says:

    He’s so adorable! If I had a kid, I would definitely make his room space-themed and get these!

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