This post is in no way related to the third movie in the Twilight vampire saga!!! so please, keep reading.

On December 21st in the morning there will be a total lunar eclipse of the Moon. The eclipse will be visible throughout the United States.

An eclipse occurs when the Earth, passing between the Sun and the Moon blocks the Sun’s rays, it’s shadow darkening the Moon.  The Moon will appear slightly reddish because the Earth can not block all the light from the Sun which is refracted by Earth’s atmosphere.

Lunar eclipses are a special event because the Sun, Earth and Moon must be at the point in their orbit where they form a straight line.

So bundle up and go outside!  Give yourself an early Christmas present and check it out!

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  1. zygopterans says:

    Great animation! Better than the real thing, and much, much more cuddly!

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