Meet the Buddies

My name is Jessie and I am the creator of Celestial Buddies, an original line of plush characters.

The Celestial Buddies’ “Big Bang” moment occurred after watching a series of documentaries on the Solar System. The Universe is fascinating in its staggering immensity, ruled by complex laws of physics, complicated theories  and bewildering phenomena,  most of which we take for granted.  The creation of the Buddies is to make these extraordinary celestial bodies more accessible, more down to Earth, so to speak.

I believe there is a niche for my Solar System stuffed sidekicks.  Most Solar system toys focus on the scientific and are mainly mobiles and models geared towards older kids who are science buffs.  Celestial Buddies are entirely different . . . they are cute, cuddly, personable and a touch educational, traits which I hope will appeal to a wide demographic.

The original four characters, Sun, Moon, Mars and Earth, all exhibit prominent features of their real life counterparts.  Sun, the largest of the Buddies, is made in bright spiky yellow, orange and red fluff and really resembles the fireball he represents.  He doesn’t light up, but he’ll light up your life with his sunny disposition.  Earth, the blue planet, is a smaller figure constructed of the softest swirly bluish green fabric.  Mars is a tiny guy in rusty red plush with a tuft of white hair sprouting from the top of his head to represent a prominent feature on the surface of the real Mars.  Moon, with his sleepy eyes and dimpled surface is a recognizable representation of our night companion.

The animation I’ve included shows the first samples I made on my home sewing machine.  The real product that will be for sale on my website are going into production as I type this!  Wish me luck!

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